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Founded in 2014, Wuhan NANOVELA Membrane Technology Co., Ltd. (NANOVELA) is based in central China and locates in Wuhan Optics Valley High-Tech Industry Park, Hubei Province. NANOVELA is a high-tech company, which has patented automatic production & assembling lines and specialized in producing and developing high-end residential/Commercial Reverse Osmosis (RO) Elements, as well as Nano-Filtration (NF) elements. We could not only offer standard size RO/NF elements, but also provide tailor-made ones. With annual RO/NF element capacity over 600,000 pcs, NANOVELA now is the biggest residential RO/NF producer in central China. “ 纳霏” in Chinese and ‘NanovelaTM’ in English is the Brand for our products.

NANOVELA is the strategic partner of The Dow Chemical Company in Greater China, which is the global leading chemical company as well as the listed Fortune 500 Company in the world. NAVOVELA is the authorized distributor and channel partner of Dow FILMTECTM residential RO elements in China. We also adopt Dow FILMTEC RO membrane flatsheet as the raw material of Nanovela RO/NF elements to ensure products’ quality and stability;


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